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Welcome to our exciting FREE workshop series!

In this series of short 10 minute videos you will understand how to immediately activate your student’s attention, maintain it throughout the lesson and breakdown their resistance to learning.

Have you tried to find new ways to engage your students? But it hasn’t worked. Are you tired of trying to come up with new ideas only for them to make little or no difference?

Believe us, there is a better way. Watch our videos below to find out!

1. Catch Your
Students’ Attention

In this first video we explain how using “Teaching as Performing” can work to grab the attention of even the most disengaged students. Download the pdf and learn tools to start using in your classes tomorrow!

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2. Maintain Your
Students’ Attention

In this video we will demonstrate how you can motivate your students through the four task values which will help to maintain their interest during the whole lesson.

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3. Reduce Your
Students’ Resistance

In this video you will learn to recognise where your students are resisting and how to use “Teaching as Performing” to get the energy flowing in your classroom and make your students want to be an active part of the learning experience.

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4. Your Way To
Inspired Teaching

Discover the way to be the best teacher you can be and to engage your students through inspired teaching.

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