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Meet the Team

Raff Cutolo is an expert teacher trainer and Creative Learning Experience Designer. He has 15 years’ teaching experience in primary, secondary and tertiary education. He holds a PhD in English Studies and has published extensively in the fields of English Language, Literature and Culture.


Céline Aloé enjoys a far-reaching reputation in the world of English Language Teaching as a provider of language courses for over 20 years. As an EFL teacher herself, she understands the struggles and challenges faced by teachers, and through years of recruiting and training teachers, she relates to the challenges faced by teachers today.

Jamie Brailsford has worked in the English Language Teaching sector for 11 years. Having worked closely with English language teachers he has a firm understanding of the demands and rigors teaching entails.  Jamie is part of the background team that brings you fortnightly webinars, insightful materials and useful tips to becoming a more inspired teacher.

Alessia was one of the first members of iteach and she loved the community so much that she decided to get involved! Alessia is currently studying for a PhD in English Studies and she helps out with the social media marketing and member enquiries.

Where the Story Began …

UK Language Courses (UKLC) has been operating in the EFL industry for over 20 years and has built up an excellent reputation. We believe passionately in the value of education, development and improvement. Excellence is not just an objective for our learners, but one for teachers as well. 

When the pandemic hit, we were inundated with messages from all the teachers in our network around the world. They were facing the huge challenge of suddenly having to change their method of teaching and move online overnight. For many this caused stress and anxiety and a lot of learning. 

We decided that we wanted to help and over the months of April to June 2020 we offered free sessions for teachers to help them to navigate this difficult period and to develop their skills. The response was overwhelming and out of the community of teachers who came together, Inspireteach (iteach) was born. 

Our aim is to empower and unleash the potential of both native and non-native English teachers. These times have caught us unprepared to engage students in new journeys of learning and to create diverse learning experiences for them and for us. This is why we have crafted a new programme aimed at enhancing what each teacher already has to offer to continue to educate, inspire, and enrich the future generation of English language learners.

We have vast experience in running Teacher Training programmes. Aside from training our teams of teachers every year, we have been coordinating mobility projects for British EFL teachers abroad for 8 years (Erasmus+, EU funded). In 2019 we carried out a successful 12-week programme for 20 Korean English Teachers in collaboration with British Council South Korea and in 2020 and 2021 we have been working closely with the British Council in Turkey and the Ministry of Education to develop training that will reach over 80,000 English teachers.

Friends of iteach

Maria Glazunova

Maria Glazunova is a Cambridge certified ESL teacher, language coach, author and speaker from Ukraine. She has been teaching for 12 years. Emotional burnout led to the radical change in her approach. After intensive training with Scott Thornbury, she started to teach without coursebooks. Furthermore, she practices elements of language coaching.

Her focus now is to help teachers to reduce and prevent emotional burnout and make lessons more practical.

Maruysa Price

Maruysa Price is an English teacher, blogger, resource creator, Mindfulness Life Coach and Meditation Instructor.

She believes that every student carries something authentic that is waiting to be recognised and the role of a teacher is to help release it.

She is interested in Applied Positive Psychology and Mindfulness and how they could be used by