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7 Ways to Engage Your Students

Take a look at our 7 time-saving methods which will instantly help your students become more engaged during your lessons. By downloading this free PDF from iteach, you will learn more about:

1. Storytelling
2. Activation and active action
3. Experiences, not lessons
4. Importance of relevant topics
5. Personalisation
6. Authenticity
7. Valuing students’ response

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About iteach

Our parent organisation UK Language Courses (UKLC) has been operating in the EFL industry for over 20 years and has built up an excellent reputation. We believe passionately in the value of education, development and improvement. Excellence is not just an objective for our learners, but one for teachers as well.

At iteach, our aim is to empower and unleash the potential of both native and non-native English teachers. These recent times have caught us unprepared to engage students in new journeys of learning and to create diverse learning experiences for them and for us.

This is why we have crafted a new programme aimed at enhancing what each teacher already has to offer to continue to educate, inspire, and enrich the future generation of English language learners.